Why Younger Women Dating Older Men

a8tpfpkz5506dc291d299856575951Times are changing and it seems that younger women are all geared to go into meaningful relationships with older men. A survey conducted by YoungerOlderDating.com revealed a surprising fact, “80% of participants showed they hope to have a serious relationship and find their soul mate through the website”

There was a time when women preferred men of same age as the philosophy was to find someone with a matching taste and mindset. Today, things are different and somewhere the thing about “matching mindset” is slowly disappearing. The survey conducted by YoungerOlderDating.com asked its users relevant questions regarding relationship, compatibility, what they are looking for in partners, what they want from a relationship, relationship priorities and much more.

The result of the survey disclosed that women are attracted towards older men as they are polite, respectful, generous, kind, handsome, intelligent, sensitive, caring, affectionate, understanding, and great conversationalists. Older men according to the women interviewed were not demanding, pushy, workaholic, or materialistic. A majority of women involved in the survey also revealed that the older men they dated were extremely aware, high on confidence, and understood their responsibilities well enough.

According to Kaly, YoungerOlderDating marketing department manager, “Statistics show that younger women date older men mainly because they want a stable, long term relationship, not just for sex or one night stand.” Yes, marrying older men might make people think that maybe it is about the “pot of gold” but that aspect is also changing rapidly. Although there is a lack of statistics regarding the “young women old men” relationship, it is no surprise that these relationships have existed from time immemorial. The only thing that has really changed is the fact that the “younger women older men” relationship is becoming more prevalent and is being socially accepted worldwide.

An article published in Medicine Net has revealed that medical advancements are also playing an important role in the merger of the generations. Due to the discovery of new fertility treatments the childbearing years for a woman has also increased. An example of the same is author Saul Bellow, who at the age 85 became a father as his wife aged 44 gave birth to a healthy child.

“Older men can offer more financial stability, have been through the tough trials of life, are matured, and display rational behavior,” said Kaly while quoting some of the interviewed women members of YoungerOlderDating.

Of course, there still exist some social snubs that can be ridiculously painful but they can be shrugged off as well. There are examples of “younger women, older men” partners who have been able to truly bridge the 2-3 decade gap in their ages and are happily living out their life in a completely blissful relationship.

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